Oct 16, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; ACC commissioner John Swofford speaks to the media during the ACC basketball media day at The Ritz-Carlton. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

College football recruiting: ACC in favor of early signing period

An early signing period for college football recruiting is one of the hot topics in recent years, especially as the whole concept continues to grow year-by-year. Every first Wednesday in February, ESPNU dedicates an entire day to watching high school athletes signing their name on the dotted line, committing themselves officially to a school for the next few years.

To get to that event, though, there’s generally a lot of flip-flopping from the recruits from one school to another, which brings up the argument for the earlier period.

Once conference who is in favor of this is the ACC, and commissioner John Swofford recently expressed how healthy it would be for recruits to commit themselves earlier in the process if they know 100% which school they’d like to be at.

“That would be a healthy thing for the recruits and the student-athletes in the sense it gives them an opportunity to make their decision, fully commit to it and sign, and then be able to play and study during their senior season without the distractions of the recruiting process,” Swofford told ESPN.com. “If a player knows where he wants to go and is ready to make that commitment, it enhances the situation for that player and for the institutions as well.”

There are arguments either way on this one. In contrast to Swofford’s belief, there are some coaches out there that believe the indecisiveness that a teenager usually possesses warrants the extra time to sit down and make up their minds.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see a change on the horizon soon, but at the same time it wouldn’t be a shock to see the idea shot down even more either.


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