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Game of Thrones: Liam Cunningham Brings Game of Thrones Exhibition to Toronto

I think it is safe to say that this season of the hit HBO Original Series Game of Thrones continues to get better with each and every episode that airs. We have all seen our fair share of blood, violence, backstabbing, and general debauchery as the series has progressed. The only thing that could be better than sitting back on a Sunday night and strapping in for one of the most engaging hours of television would be to actually journey to Westeros.

While we do not yet have the technology to transport ourselves to a fictional realm, and don’t lie…you’ve thought about it, there is a way that you can get mighty close to the action. HBO has been hosting what they have named Game of Thrones: The Exhibition.

The exhibition will make stops in eight different cities. The sixth of the eight stops is going on right now in Toronto. Who better to bring all the action to the Canadian nation than actor Liam Cunningham. What makes this so perfect is that one of the latest additions to the exhibit is the costume worn by one Davos Seaworth, faithful companion to the rightful King, Stannis Baratheon.  As most of you know, the role of Davos is played by Cunningham.

The Exhibition has all sorts of amazing things for Game of Thrones fans to see and do. They will have all kinds of props from the show and displays that really dig deep into the story behind the show.

One of the coolest things to experience at the exhibition is the Oculus Rift, the virtual elevator that takes you to the top of the wall. This is something that clearly cannot be missed.

Here is at the Game of Thrones: The Exhibition stop a SXSW in Austin, Texas. You get to hear from Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in the series, and watch as Maisie Williams, otherwise known as Arya Stark, screams her head off as she ascends the Oculus Rift.


Also, the people at CBC News had a chance to catch up with Liam Cunningham at the event to discuss the exhibit, his character, and what we can expect from him and Stannis in the remainder of the season.


After the exhibition finishes up in Toronto, they will be heading to Belfast from June 11th – 15th, and then off to their final stop in Vancouver from August 16th – September 1st.



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