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Anaheim Ducks: Gibson to start Game 7

The Anaheim Ducks are making a bold move starting rookie goalie John Gibson in Game 7. A mere three games played in the NHL and the Ducks reaching the final four is being placed on his shoulders.

This is the second straight year that two California teams have battled through seven games at a chance to make it to the Western Conference Finals. Last year it came down to Game 7 between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings. This year the Ducks are giving it their all.

“I think anytime you’re in a Game 7 it’s a little bit different and it’s obviously one of the biggest series in California,” Gibson said. “We’re looking forward to it and I think having it at home will be extra special.”

Gibson is now facing his first playoff elimination game. And battling against Jonathan Quick so no small ordeal.

“I just have to go out there and give the guys a chance to win,” Gibson said. “I’m pretty confident in the guys if I give them a good chance to win they can come through a score some goals for me.

Despite his lack of NHL experience, Gibson is no stranger to high pressure situations on the ice. He has played many such games in international competitions, winning gold at the World U18 Championship and World Junior Championship. Throughout these, he went a combined 5-0 in elimination games.

There’s no doubt Gibson is motivated and ready to face this game and help take the Anaheim Ducks to the next round.


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