ESPN releases new World Cup ad (Video)

The 2014 World Cup is less then a month away and everyone is starting to get excited about soccer’s premier event. That means networks and corporate sponsors a like are unveiling new ads relating to the World Cup, and that includes ESPN.

Their ad is simpler, in the fact that they don’t have to work in a product, because the product they’re peddling is the World Cup. But this is absolutely a case of less is more.

The ad starts with a child holding a soccer ball high on a hill over looking a costal city as bells ring. Then it picks up the pace very quickly with scenes from all over Brazil.

Those scenes are mixed in with some of the world’s most notable players in their country’s kits. It also includes a woman coming out of the water with the World Cup trophy and some Brazilian woman in the beach in bikinis, so what is not to love?

[h/t] SB Nation

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