Idaho Governors Debate goes viral

One of the greatest things about the world wide web is the fact that videos can surface when you least expect it and end up going viral. Thanks to a couple of men in Idaho, that is exactly what happened.

Most people may only think of potatoes when Idaho is mentioned, but now the state will be known for their incredible political candidates.

During the Idaho Governors Debate earlier this week, two men hilariously changed the way we look at politicians by just being themselves during the GOP primary debate.

Two of the most well known men in the debate for people that follow this stuff closely were Governor Butch Otter and state Senator Russ Fulcher, but there was quickly no doubt that Harley Brown and Walt Hayes were the true stars.

“A substantial portion of my political campaign is campaigning against political correctness,” Brown said.

That was just one of many gems – or Harleyisms — from the debate.

And here is another clip featuring Mr. Hayes, who I think was summoning everyone to Hell.

Speaking of hell, something tells me that Harley and Mr. Hayes’ chances of taking office are about as likely as a snowball’s chance in the inferno.

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