Mar 7, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets center Omer Asik (3) on the floor during the fourth quarter against the Indiana Pacers at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Atlanta Hawks trying to trade for Omer Asik

After signing him to a poison pill contract they now no longer want to deal with, the Houston Rockets are once again hearing their name come up in connection to trade rumors about Turkish center Omer Asik. It’s not the first time that his name has come up in trade rumors and it won’t be the last, as a new tea is now rumored to be after trading for the big man.

According to Sam Smith of, the Atlanta Hawks are in pursuit of acquiring Omer Asik via trade from the Houston Rockets this offseason. Now, the Rockets have maintained that they don’t expect to trade Asik nor are they keen on moving Jeremy Lin just to make space for a superstar free agent they may end up being unable to land.

Still, the Hawks have their sights set on Asik and if they can pull off a trade that brings him on, they may finally have a frontcourt that can make them true contenders. Asik isn’t perfect, but he’s an improvement and can no doubt help the Hawks in ways they needed it during their ill-fated series against the Pacers.

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  • Grammar NotZee

    Good article though and pointing out the poison pill that I knew would come back to bite the Rockets in the Asik and Lin deals. I hope no one takes the burden off their hands so they think twice about stupid deals in the future.

    • Michael Stegall

      Actually, the poison pill only effects them if they trade them. For themselves, Lin and Asik have same annual salaries. So it necessarily hard on them to keep them since they count the same against their cap for the upcoming year as the previous two season. It only affects the Rockets hard when trying to trade them as then the final year becomes the big payment to whichever team is their trade partner.

  • autoprt

    not sure why some fans so eager to trade lin and asik? both have great upside and haven’t played as terrible as its made out to be. majority of rockets get traded and end up being stars on the team they get traded to and usually play lights out against rox. we always cry to trade someone then when they are on another team playing lights out cry about why did we trade them? people are never satisfied.

    • Bill Mcintyre


  • Luke Holbery

    Grammer the article says that the hawks are interested in asik, so how exactly has the’poison pill’ come back to bite them?
    They will probably get milsap back!

  • Falcon4me

    problem with this trade is it means milsap is gone and it would restrict hawks from being able to getting anyone else to good like deng to pair with him because of the cap situation lin and osik would cause. The reason thie trying to dump lin is because he cant even win the the starting job and beverly is a much less cap friendly player. If am hawks and they have to trade milsap i ask for either a pick now or future or parson.