Jun 5, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma reacts to being swept by the Boston Bruins in game four of the Eastern Conference finals of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs at TD Garden. The Boston Bruins won 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Penguins press conference at 11:30 a.m.

Today could finally be the day that some Pittsburgh Penguins fans have been waiting for. There are some members of the fan base that understand the players under performed during their run in the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs, while the more emotional fans have been calling for the head of head coach Dan Bylsma and pinning him as the scapegoat.

For those fans that want to see Bylsma get fired, Friday could bring them their wish.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have reportedly scheduled a press conference for 11:30 a.m. ET Friday morning.

There is no official word on what the press conference will be for, but some simple connecting of the dots lets us know that this could be the moment the team is finally willing to let Bylsma go after a few years of being unable to get over the hump.

Do you think Dan Bylsma should be fired as the Penguins head coach? If so, who would you like to see replace him? Sound off in the comments section below and let your voice be heard.

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  • http://batman-news.com chris

    Yes, Bylsma should definitely be fired!!! Replace him with Mike Babcock!!! This is getting ridiculous, Bylsma had a Stanley Cup caliber team, and only managed to win one. Bad managing!!! Also, they should fire Marc Andre Fleury. How many bad goals does he have to let in before someone realizes how bad he is? He is a head case, and has performance issues in the palyoffs…..look at his history. 30 goals in 6 games in the 2012 playoffs? WTF? I know high school goalies that could have let in less goals. Get real if you want to win the cup!!! There are plenty of teams that know how to get it done, but unfortunatly, the Pens are not one of them.

    • Rick

      Yeah, I’m sure Babcock is available! (#sarcastic)

      And if you think MAF is the reason they lost, you should go back to watching soccer.

      • http://batman-news.com chris

        Did you see the first goal he gave up in game 7? Lundqvist would have stopped that one. Plus he let in 5 goals(his playoff average) in game 4. And If you are one of the dumbass people that don’t believe me, then check the playoff stats for yourself….


        Look below at the playoff stats

        • big bob

          Fo4 fleury is to be effective he n3edw to leave 5he puck alone when it is behind the net and let the D handle the puck then maybe there 2ouldnt be so mwn6 goals scored from behind the t8 in front crash

          • http://batman-news.com chris


        • Rick

          It’s easy to predict what “would” have happened if you live in Fantasyland. But here in Reality, you simply cannot blame only Fleury for the Pens elimination. Every goalie lets in a soft one here or there. It’s up to the D to limit the opportunities and it’s up to the forwards to get the goal back. (Even your beloved Lundqvist apparently gives up the softie every once in a while according to this story!) The bottom line is that MAF didn’t lose this series (in fact, he kept them in it with back to back shutouts and some big time saves)

          “More than anything else, it seems to be his focus. Lundqvist has let in an unusually high number of “soft goals” this season, and one has to wonder if he’s simply mentally drained. The Swedish netminder is known for meticulous preparation, to a near painstaking degree, and eight straight years of that takes its toll on the mind.”

          • http://batman-news.com chris

            I’m not saying that MAF is the sole reason for the epic fail this year, and it was an epic fail. I am just saying that he is part of it as usual. Also, I have no love for Lundqvist, I just simply recognize his talents. He was stellar when it counted, and fleury was not. During the shutouts that fleury got, New York was tired from playing all those games in such a short amount of time, and MAF was untested. This whole conversation started over Ray, and Dan. I am from Pittsburgh, and love the pens, but i think if they want to win another championship anytime soon. They need to dump bylsma, and MAF for people that are competent. Fleury is good when it doesn’t matter aka the regular season, and folds like a house of cards in the wind when the pressure is on aka the playoffs. Skederi saved him in game 7 of the 09 cup, otherwise, MAF might not have ever even won a cup. And bylsma’s methods are old and tired. Offensive minded defenseman kill your ability to play proper defense causing more unnecessary shots on goal. And stop with the stretch passes, and the dump & chase bs, and find someone who actually knows how to coach. That is all…..GO PENS in 15! Bye bye Ray!

  • marySpence

    What a joke! because Crosby couldn’t do crap in the playoffs he is looking for someone to blame. No wonder he is called a whiner and a crybaby! Man UP Crosby, you and Malkin had a crappy playoffs! It happens, deal with it. Yeah that’s right, maybe you aren’t the best players in the world! Bylsma deserves better. For Crosby to be calling the shots in Pittsburgh is a joke! So your going to fire every head coach down the line Mario when your superstars choke????? You barely got by the first round, I guess that’s not the superstars fault either. Crybaby Cindy Crosby is earning his nickname!. Onto better and brighter teams Bylsma, your the bomb!!!!

    • JohnP

      I guess you missed the post game article where Crosby said that player, not management, are to blame for the post season losses. (: l