Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 Screenshots Leaked

While Watch_Dogs is still a few weeks away from its official release date, copies have started to surface.  Thanks to a leak and some impressions on the Watch_Dogs Forums, we have a more in depth look into the highly anticipated Ubisoft title.

The leak includes some great Playstation 4 screenshots and insight into the gameplay.  A video of the gamplay on Playstation 4 can be downloaded here.

Here were some of the impressions posted on the Watch_Dogs forums by the source:

To answer few question I saw in thread – yes, you push doors with your palm if you are not running and kick them in with your shoulder when you do.

Game is amazing, one of the games that actually justify next-gen consoles, especially it’s weather and lightning systems.

Couldn’t show you much more, especially online, but when you think about WD online, closest thing will be Dark/Demon Souls, understand this as you will + few other online modes that remind me of GTA5/GTA4.

Game is as smooth as AC4 on PS4 if anyone played that.

Check out the images (thanks to DualShockers) and below.  Hopefully this can hold gamers over for the official release of the game in a couple weeks.

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