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Phillie Phinatic does an Irish jig with umpire (Video)

As the Philadelphia Phillies took on the New York Mets at home on Friday it was Irish Heritage Night. As anybody could have expected, their super mascot had something in store to honor the occasion.

What perhaps was not expected was the fact that one of the umpires was in on it, something that truly made for a fun moment at the ballpark.

Check out the hilarious video here:

It’s only May, so the baseball season hasn’t really started to pick up yet and we’re in need of some alternate entertainment. This would most definitely qualify as both ‘alternative’ and ‘entertainment’. No matter how we come at this, we are all served well by reminders that sports are supposed to be fun, and no matter how much we may hate the umpires or the opponents or the game itself, we all need to relax sometime.

There might be no better reminder of that fact than an umpire with green hair and a kilt.

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