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SNL roasts Jay-Z and Solange Knowles elevator fight

One of the more bizarre stories from this past week involved rapper Jay Z getting into a fight his his sister-in-law Solange Knowles. Naturally, the folks at Saturday Night Live roasted the whole episode in their cold open with a dead-on Jay Z impression by Jay Pharoah and a cameo appearance by Maya Rudolph as Beyonce.

The whole bit revolved around Jay Z and Solange having a sot down to talk over their differences and let the world know that there is knotting but love between the two of them. This was all punctuated with Keenan Thompson playing a bodyguard who jumped between the two anytime they motioned towards each other to make sure nothing happened.

In the end, the duo explained that the whole situation arose because Solange was really trying to get a spider off of Jay Z but without the audio it makes it look like they’re fighting.

It was a bizarre event to say the least, and Saturday Night Live wouldn’t have been doing their jobs if they didn’t roast the event. They did that very thing and the result was a hilarious explanation of the most bizarre pop culture story we’ve heard in a while.

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