Teaser poster for Rob Zombie's upcoming horror film, '31'. Photo Credit: Fangoria

Teaser for Rob Zombie's new horror film

Ladies and gentlemen the man is back. Rob Zombie, a man who directed a couple of my all-time favorite horror movies over the last decade has released a teaser video for his upcoming film.

Now the teaser takes us all the way back to his big screen debut. You have ‘House of a 1000 Corpses’, ‘The Devils Rejects’, ‘Halloween 1&2′, ‘The Haunted World of El Superbeasto’ and ‘The Lords of Salem’. Zombie has proved to leave not only the viewers entertained, but confused and completely creeped out. The thoughts and ideas that go through this mans head are absolutely amazing.

There’s nothing on the plot or the cast involved, but you do have the opportunity to sign up for a mailing list that I’m sure will eventually reveal more details. Now one can only imagine that this movie will feature Captain Spaulding,  but the man was murdered during the end of ‘The Devils Rejects’. Maybe this could be Spaulding being brought back from the dead, or a long lost son that he had.

It would be great if he gives us his own take on John Wayne Gacy and his murders. What do you think it could be fans? You can view the trailer by visiting Fangoria.com.

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