Battlefield Friend's The Noob.

Battlefield Friends: Counter Knife (Video)

The guys behind Battlefield Friends at back at it again. One of the most popular animated series on YouTube has picked up thousands of followers. These guys have their own series which is now two episodes into season four.

It’s been awhile since they released a video before the season premiere, so a lot of fans who have been watching since day one are very excited. If you were unable to check out the first episode that was posted on YouTube’s HappyHour channel, you can do so by clicking here. The season premiere focused on a lot of the bugs that Battlefield 4 currently has and is yet to fix.

Today’s episode keys on ‘The Noob’ who discovers that you’re able to counter someone’s melee which results in you killing them. It’s a pretty neat feature in the game, but it’s not that easy to pull off. I think I’ve done it once or twice, but Noob is convinced that it takes more than just the melee button to pull it off.

Have you been able to counter someone’s melee attack? If so, how many times have you done it?

Now that the little introduction is out of the way, let’s go ahead and enjoy this weeks episode courtesy of Machinima, Happy Hour and jonnyetcho:

[H/T: Battlefield Friends]

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