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SNL roasts Michael Sam kiss haters with hilarious sketch (Video)

Last weekend saw Missouri defensive end and openly gay football player Michael Sam get drafted into the NFL by the St. Louis Rams and what followed the announcement of his drafting was the kiss seen around the world.

Sam, like any other football player we’ve seen get drafted, was surrounded by his loved ones and celebrated by kissing his partner. This seemed to be a bot much for some people who were watching and the kiss became a bigger deal than Sam’s drafting was.

As a result of the mouth breathing hatred that came from the kiss, the folks at Saturday Night Live roasted those who had a problem with the kiss by featuring a five minute sketch where a family meets and greets in the most intimate of ways.

This was perhaps the most brilliant sketch we saw all season long and it even saw the great Fred Armisen break character as he was unable to control his laughter. The sketch was the most poignant middle finger SNL could have given to those who were disgusted by the kiss as some of those same people were laughing at a sketch that involved far worse things than two lovers kissing.

It was a hilarious sketch made better by it’s undeniable statement made about those who cannot accept people for who they are these days. SNL hasn’t always been spot-on this season, but this sketch heaped remind us that when it wants to be, Saturday Night Live can be some of the sharpest political satire on television.

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