May 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers fans Brock Brady of Sulphur Springs, TX tosses a ball in the stands after the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks was postponed due to rain at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Young Texas Rangers fan pulls switcheroo on pretty girl (Video)

A young Texas Rangers fan showed the kind of smooth moves that are generally reserved for those who have reached James Bond status when it comes to wooing young ladies.

After being tossed a ball by Toronto Blue Jays third base coach Luis Rivera, the flirtatious young man turns to a pretty young lady in the seats behind him, and offers her the ball.

But wait…upon further review (because we can say that now in baseball) the kid was pulling a fast one to score some points it would appear.

Check out the slight of hand by this kid.
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If you missed it, he caught the ball tossed to him by Rivera in his glove, but he already had a ball in his hand (presumably one that was purchased from a souvenir stand)…and that’s the ball he offered to the object of his affection.

Hey, the kid managed to get her to give the ol’ blush-and-giggle even though he pulled the ol’ switcheroo.

Well played, young man. Well played.


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