YouTuber 'Francis' shares his thoughts on Twitch purchase (Video)

YouTuber Steven Williams aka Boogie2988 aka Francis, etc. has made a handful of videos about certain topics by using his most popular personality.

Francis, his hardcore gaming gimmick has been upset about Holiday’s, video game news and has even smashed an XBox. If you haven’t heard, YouTube has officially purchased the popular gaming website Gamer’s from across the globe are able to make accounts and have the ability to stream live on the website.

I streamed a couple retro games on Twitch for about a year and a half but ended up stopping.

Boogie is another one of these broadcasters. The man not only plays video games but he opens up a package of Magic cards which is also aired on his Google Plus hangout. He records and edits the video which eventually makes it way onto YouTube. Shortly after finding out the news, Francis spoke out about the purchase and is not pleased.

Francis points out that streaming on Twitch through YouTube is very difficult. I guess there’s a bunch of lag/buffer time during live broadcasts which frustrates those who are trying to stream for their viewers. Plus a bunch of copyrights comes with YouTube which will make it difficult for gamer’s to play their favorite games for fans.

Here’s the video posted by Boogie2988:

[H/T: Boogie2988 Facebook page]

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