WWE Superstar Big E. makes his debut by taking out John Cena. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Attitude Era stable Nation of Domination recast?

A new but not so new WWE stable may be in the works. Speculation is that a recasting of the Nation of Domination is on the way.

Wrestling fans from the 90s will remember the most popular incarnation of the group comprised of four African-American performers: Farooq, D-Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa (Aka Papa Shango/The Godfather), and The Rock. Mark Henry joined the faction in a later storyline replacing Farooq.

Though unconfirmed, a rumor is floating that names like Xavier Woods, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston and Big E could be The Nation if it were recast, based on a storyline where Rusev has defeated Woods, Truth, and Kofi and currently feuding with Big E.

The Nation of Domination was the vehicle that catapulted The Rock into stardom but it’s hard to see any of the new age names jumping out to be Rock-calibur or even close to it. But, that doesn’t mean the storyline couldn’t elevate the profiles of some of today’s stars.

If I was booking, (because obviously we are all creative geniuses) I would have the group consist of Titus O’Neil, Big E, Kofi, and Mark Henry reprising a role in the group as a veteran leader presence.

I can’t see Xavier Woods and R-Truth taken seriously in a group named on “Domination”.

Nonetheless, it should be interesting to see if any of these rumors come to fruition.



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