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Babe Ruth's watch sold for $650,108 in auction

Think back to some of the stories that have been told about the lifestyle pursued by the greatest baseball player of all time. Babe Ruth, besides being an all-time great pitcher and hitter and the name most readily associated with baseball history, had a reputation as a guy who knew how to party.

If you were the person to acquire a watch that was once owned by the Babe, you could imagine all the different thoughts that went through his head when he checked the time. Even if it was an entirely different time, it is likely that Ruth had cooler things to do than you ever will.

That is the privilege that will be enjoyed by one rather wealthy Ruth enthusiast. A gold pocket watch that was owned by Ruth was sold at auction this week for $650,108. According to ESPN:

A gold pocket watch owned by Babe Ruth has sold for $650,108 at an auction in Southern California.

SCP Auctions said Sunday that the watch was from the 25th anniversary celebration in 1948 of the opening of Yankee Stadium. The stadium came to be dubbed “The House That Ruth Built” because of the number of fans the baseball legend drew to the venue.”

These trinkets can be hit or miss. Whether or not somebody finds them to be cool will largely depend on personal taste. For my money, this is a pretty cool bit of history. Then again, my money does not amount to anything near $650,ooo.

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