Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco as Amy, Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny in "The Big Bang Theory." Photo Credit: CBS

The Big Bang Theory gets canceled in China

The Big Bang Theory, as well as a number of other popular American shows, has recently been banned from video streaming websites in China according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The other shows also falling mercy to China’s regulations on harmful content were The Good Wife, NCIS and The Practice. It seems illogical that these types of shows could be ones violating content regulations, and China’s media watchdog didn’t release specific reasons for the bans. Yet the article proposes, “while it was not clear which section of the rules the shows were not in line with, Article 16 relates to shows that ‘harm the nation’s reputation, mislead young people to commit crimes, prostitution, gambling or terrorism.'”

The amazing thing is the list of shows that ARE actually allowed to be streamed publicly. Much more violent shows such as The Walking Dead are allowed, and something like House of Cards, which would seemingly do much more to harm the nation’s reputation, is also currently streaming.

It is hard to pinpoint China’s reasoning behind some things it does, even something as inane as banning a television show. This might be a god’s send for The Big Bang Theory though. Perhaps it will finally gain that edginess it lacks that keeps it a CBS juggernaut but national punchline.

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