Find out if people are single on Facebook

If you just so happen to be someone looking for a new man or woman in your life, but don’t have the nerves to ask yourself if he/she is available, Facebook would like to offer its assistance.

Facebook has added a new “ask” button to profiles that don’t have a relationship status listed on their profile. The button is only viewable by those visiting the page.

With a simple click of the ask button, people can creep find out if the person they are interested in would like to grab a drink or a bite to eat sometime. You know, because we now live in an age where no one can ask with their mouths anymore.

When asked, the owner of the page can respond to the request by listing their relationship status only for those that ask about it to see. They can also send a message back to the requester.

Mike’s Musings: This has to be one of the creepiest things that Facebook has ever added. If Facebook stalking was high before, I can only imagine it becoming more of a problem with this new ask button. 


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