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President Obama bumps couple from wedding venue

In an article from an online periodical in Wales, President Barack Obama is targeted as the bad guy in a bit of a misleading title.

This couple in Wales had their wedding scheduled to take place in the Cardiff city hall, which has now been deemed unavailable because of the Nato Summit taking place at the same time.

Although Obama will be in attendance, so will many other world leaders.

Instead of city hall, the Welsh pair was notified by letter that their service will have to take place in the city’s mansion house. And in a nice turn of events, this was apparently the couple’s first choice of wedding venue to begin with. They will be moved over, without extra cost, but must handle a bit more paper work and planning for the move to take place smoothly.

The future bride and groom are taking this in stride and have apparently sent an invitation to President Obama himself, not expecting him to attend, but hoping for a cordial email reply at least.

For some husbands and wives, a change like this would be catastrophic on such a big day. So many details and plans go into a wedding that switching venues hardly seems possible, let alone plausible. However, maybe they had an inkling when they scheduled the event in the first place and they couldn’t book hotel rooms for their guests because of the Nato conference!

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