Charlotte Hornets announce plans to unveil uniforms, court

The Charlotte Hornets officially made their return to the NBA on Tuesday with the launching of the team’s new website.The organization also held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the name change.

During the conference, the team announced plans to unveil the new uniforms that the Hornets will be wearing starting with the 2014-2015 NBA season.

The unveiling will come one week before the NBA Draft. While there have been rumors regarding the look, no one knows for sure what the new threads will look like.

Hopefully, the team does it right and brings back the pinstripes in some form.

Alongside the uniform announcement, the team also announced plans to unveil its new court design. That will be coming a week after the uniforms on June 26, the day of the NBA draft.

The original Hornets may be remembered by some, as far as court designs go, for having the unique Honeycomb look. That being said, updating the look while keeping the honeycomb like in this fan-made concept could be the best course of action for the new look.

What are you hoping the new uniforms and court look like? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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  • DanIva Novak

    I work for the company that buit,sanded, and finished the new floor for the Hornets.(Robbins Sports Surfaces Inc. of Ishpeming, Mi.)It was great knowing we were constructing a product that will be seen by the world!! Can’t wait to see the final product….