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Thunder Bay mayor tattoos Montreal Canadiens logo to head (Photo)

In hockey, it’s commonplace to make bets and to talk big as that’s just part of the game. But when it comes to following through with the crazy bets you make, there are few fans as loyal to the blood oath of a bet as hockey fans and the mayor of Thunder Bay is a testament to that.

Mayor Keith Hobbs, who is a noted Boston Bruins fan, pledged that if Montreal Canadiens beat the Bruins in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, he’d get a Habs logo tattooed to the side of his head. After the Bruins indeed lost to the Canadiens in the second round of the playoffs, Hobbs stuck true to his word and got a Habs goo painted onto the side of his head.

Emphasis on ‘painted’ as it’s not a legitimate tattoo but rather just one that will eventually wash off. Still, there clearly no hiding the ink job so Hobbs gets props no matter if it’ permanent or washable.

Even though the edge of having it be a legitimate tattoo is literally going to be washed away in due time, you have to hand i to Hobbs for stepping up and accepting the punishment for losing his bet. Still, we can think of another Canadian mayor who may have gone the whole way and tattooed the logo for real on his head, but this mayor seems to be much more sane than that.

[h/t: Bleacher Report]

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