Bowler throws 120-foot strike from building entrance (Video)

A group of bowlers recently decided to cash in on their beer goggles and go for broke. Their mission? Throw a 120 foot strike. After watching this video a dozen times, I’m still not sure I could ever do that. I probably throw one strike in every three games of bowling I take part in, lifetime average of course.

You could probably throw my body into ten pins of any shape and somehow two on opposite ends would remain standing.

Yet somehow there are people who can make a normal bowling throw even longer and never miss a beat.

The video:

Again, I could probably ride a bicycle down a bowling alley and somehow get six on the first try and three on the second. I am regularly out-bowled by small children. I cannot fathom how many attempts this video required, but I assume the moment was commemorated by free beer and probably a sort-of-agitated owner explaining to the bowlers why they can never do that again.

You can read the full article on the bowling shot here.

Now, who’s ready to play some darts and hit a bulls eye from a hundred feet?

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