EA will ban players who quit in EA Sports UFC

If you plan on being one of those players who quit anytime you are at risk of losing a fight in EA Sports UFC, be prepared to have your online privileges revoked.

According to assistant producer Jazz Brousseau, EA will ban players who disconnect too often within a small period of time.

“We’re really going to focus on sort of penalizing people who quit,” Brousseau told PlayStation Lifestyle magazine. “We’re really going to focus on sort of penalizing people who quit.”

Brousseau said that it’s all about making sure the online experience is fun for everyone, and that weeding out the bad eggs is a way to ensure most people enjoy their time online.

In some cases, players will even see themselves permanently banned from online play. However, that will only happen if players pass a certain threshold in their DNF percentages.

EA Sports UFC releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 17.

Mike’s Musings: While there are some instances where a disconnect is no fault of the players, EA taking this approach toward those who constantly quit is a great idea towards cleaning up the community and leaderboards. I even think only matching quitters with quitters would be a good idea. 

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