Survivor Cagayan Finale results: Tony Vlachos wins season 28

Survivor: Cagayan is down to its final episode with the winner of season 28 being named on Wednesday night in the two-hour finale special. The final four contestants entering tonight’s season finale were Spencer Bledsoe, Woo Hwang, Kass McQuillen and Tony Vlachos.

The show began with three tribes — brains, beauty and brawn — and the final four had two representatives from each the brains and brawn tribe.

Entering the finale, CBS has teased that one of the cast members “pulls one of the greatest comebacks in ‘Survivor’ history,” so we will have to see how it all shakes out.

Spencer seems to be fighting the biggest odds, but he began finding fractures in the alliance of Woo, Tony and Kass last week so they could finally become too much for the trio to trust in each other and advance to the final three.

Of course, the only way Spencer will be 100 percent safe is by winning immunity, so we had plenty of questions that would need to be answered when the live finale came our way.

Photo Credit: Twitter (@truedorktimes)

Photo Credit: Twitter (@truedorktimes)

When the show kicked off, Tony continued to bluff about the powerless idol that he has saying it guaranteed him a final three spot, but the brains seemed to be suspicious about just how powerful that idea would prove to be.

As the final four kicked back on the beach, they were surprised with some visits from loved ones.

Tony was heart-broken that his wife did not come to the island, but he got a visit from his best friend instead while his wife remained at home with his four-month old daughter. Spencer was visited by his sister, Kass by her husband and Woo’s cousin.

After some quality time together, they all made their way to the most important immunity challenge of the season — or so we thought.

Tony got the early lead in the immunity challenge after completing the first half of the challenge well before Spencer, who had some ground to make up entering the puzzle portion of the challenge. If recent challenges were any indication, Tony was in some serious trouble.

Woo made his way to the shore to begin his puzzle, with Kass trailing very far behind. However, puzzles have been Kass’ strength, so things were about to get interesting. Spencer was just a few pieces away from finishing the puzzle, when Kass completed “one of the greatest comebacks” — which was teased in the finale preview — to claim the individual immunity idol.

Photo Credit: Twitter (@Survivor_Tweet)

Photo Credit: Twitter (@Survivor_Tweet)

Preparing for Tribal Council, Spencer came up with the theory that there would be a Final Two and not a Final Three in hopes that he could convince Tony to stay save him over Woo.

Tony finally revealed that his idol was used as a bluff tactic, right before the votes were read.

After the first round of voting, Spencer’s final plea was not enough to get Tony to save him and he became the 14th person voting out of the game. Jeff Probst then revealed that this year will feature a final two, not a final three, so Spencer’s theory actually proved to be correct.

In the final immunity challenge, Kass jumped out to an early lead in the challenge which consisted of the castaways making their way through a maze. Kass was in control with just a few medallions left to go but Woo mounted another big comeback and claimed the final immunity competition of the season to earn his spot in the final Tribal Council where he would have to choose whether to sit next to Tony or Kass with $1 million on the line.

With a difficult decision to make, Woo decided to take his original ally, Tony, with him to the final two.

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

After enjoying a feast and seeing themselves in the mirror for the first time since stepping foot on the island, Woo and Tony made their way to Tribal Council for the final time where they were grilled by the jury.

Tony was taking some heat from the jury because of his repeated lies and disloyalty to his alliance, while Woo was hit with questions about whether or not he is truly deserving of the $1 million prize.

The bitter jury members made their way to the parchment one final time to cast their winners for the season 28 winner of Survivor.

When the votes were read, the winner of Survivor: Cagayan was…





Tony Vlachos

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

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