Sep 5, 2013; San Jose, COSTA RICA; United States forward Landon Donovan at a press conference at the Costa Rica Marriott San Jose in advance of the FIFA World Cup Qualifier against Costa Rica. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jurgen Klinsmann's son mocks Landon Donovan; deletes Twitter account

After the news was announced that Jurgen Klinsmann decided to leave soccer star Landon Donovan off of the United States men’s national team for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, there were plenty of fans that were shocked and unhappy with the decision.

However, there were a few people that were celebrating and having a laugh at Lando’s expense.

One of those people turned out to be Jonathan Klinsmann, who is the son of the United States men’s manager.


It didn’t take long for Klinsmann to realize he probably made a mistake and to delete the post, but in today’s day and age it was too little, too late. The damage was already done.

Klinsmann went on to eventually delete his entire account, but s screencap of his tweet was grabbed and saved for the world to see.

We can all now see Klinsmann’s son mocking the greatest player to ever put on a kit for the red, white and blue.

You can check out the tweet below:

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • macjaster .

    Appalling, pathetic, classless, stupid. I hope this clown never puts on the red white and blue.

  • Galatian33

    Disgusting. If these childish comments are a reflection of his father, Jurgen Klinsmann, the US National Team coach, then we know what we can expect today and in the future from JK. Remember, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Pitiful and boorish. Read you’re off to college — try Decorum 101.

  • guavass


  • Henry Le

    Jonathan Klinsmann is dumber than a pig. That clown should never ever be on USMNT in the future.

  • macjaster .

    Hey Jonathan Klinsmann, if you happen to read this: Landon has more class and dignity in his left pinky toe than you will ever have in your entire body. He also has done more for American soccer with any of his other toes than you will ever do for it. So perhaps you should just shut your stupid mouth. I had never even heard of you before yesterday, but (fair or not), I will now forever root against you and remember you as the spoiled little brat moron who tried to disgrace a national treasure. I’m going to tell anyone who will listen just how worthless you are.

    Learn you place, respect your elders and those who have come before you, for without them you would not be where you are today. Try to imagine someone shedding blood sweat and tears for their country in this sport longer than your insignificant life has even existed. Shame on you. You are a disgrace. I’m just glad we got to learn it now so that we can be sure you never don the colors of our great country.

  • Al Wilson

    I can only imagine dinner conversations at the Klinsmann’s
    “Dad, if you hate Landon so will I

  • ohayat

    What a tool…

  • Tequila_Mckngbrd

    Privileged son of a famous soccer player and coach – plays Goalie. HAHAHAHAHAHA!