Ken Shamrock: 'The athletic level will drop' without steroids in sports

Former UFC and WWE great Ken Shamrock has been back in the headlines recently after his bitter feud with Dana White was squashed and he was seen as a bodyguard for rapper 50 cent.

Today, Shamrock makes headlines for his outlandish comments on steroid use and abuse in sports. Shamrock was recently on Submission Radio and gave his thoughts on banning steroids from sports altogether:

It’s crazy to think people go ‘oh we’re gonna stop it now, now that it’s been going on for fifty years, we’re just gonna completely ban it now’, because I promise you this and I bet you people who understand how many people are using it in sports, they know how badly the athletic level will drop it. It’ll be so bad that people won’t want to turn on the TV anymore because they’re not going to be able to see what there used to seeing.

If they take these things out of the sports, people are going to be backed up 20 years as far as competitiveness.The athleticism and the strength and the stuff these guys are doing will be dropped significantly and the entertainment value will drop with it, and I don’t really think people realize what they’re asking for.

Apparently Shamrock does not care about the health of the athlete taking steroids, or fighters who are clean fighting those who are on steroids.

For Shamrock, sports and steroids are about entertainment value:

They’re asking for the value of the entertainment to drop significantly and we’re going to be okay with that? Because considering what we’re used to seeing, it’s just not going to be the same. And I think people are saying ‘oh it’ll still be good, it’ll still be this’ I just don’t really believe they understand what it is that they’re really asking for.

Shamrock continued to state that he actually believes steroids are beneficial to an athlete’s health when used properly instead of when obtained illegally.

What are your thoughts on Shamrock’s comments? If steroids were taken out of sports altogether would the level of athleticism drop? Would there be less entertainment value? Let us know in the comments below.

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