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Amazon didn’t become a giant company without using some ingenious ideas along the way.  As they look to get the Amazon Fire TV off the ground, the company has decided that there is no better way to do so than let consumers try the product for free.

Amazon is offering a 30 day free trial to some of its customers for the Fire TV.

Thanks to a report by Re/code Amazon is looking to make sure the Fire TV gets into as many households as possible.  Amazon will be sending out emails with codes for a free trial of the new device.  While participants will be handpicked, Amazon will be picking up the entire tab.  Simply click on the link in the email, check out, and await the Fire TV at your door; yes, Amazon is even picking up the shipping.

Amazon debuted the Fire TV roughly two months ago, and at a $99 price point, the company hopes to take on the likes of Apple TV and the Roku, as well as the Xbox One.

The Amazon Fire TV is said to be three times more powerful than the likes of the Apple TV, thanks in large part to 2GB of RAM as well as a processing unit designed for gaming.  The Fire TV has voice command features while also allowing users to use the device as a gaming platform.

Fire TV also has an extra bluetooth based controller peripheral, designed with gaming in mind, for an additional $39.

While the trial period is 30 days, consumers who keep the Fire TV longer will be able to purchase the device through the card on file with Amazon.  Even though the purchase occurs automatically after 30 days, a trial so simple and of such length offers a perfect opportunity to test out the product, even if you have no intention of completing the purchase.

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