Carice Van Houten explains Melisandre's naked Game of Thrones scene

We’re in a bit of a Game of Thrones void at the moment as there will be no new episode this weekend which means a two week wait between new episodes. But that just gives us more time to breakdown what we saw happen in the latest episode. One thing that we saw was a pretty powerful scene with Carice Van Houten’s character Melisandre, and it was notable for more than a few reasons.

Van Houten recently spoke with GQ Magazine to dish on the season that her character has been having, but she also touched upon what seems to be a staple of the show — nudity. In this past week’s episode, Melisandre had a pretty notable nude scene in a bathtub, but while her character was physically naked, she quickly proves that her intentions are protected by layers of armor which is something Van Houten appreciates.

It includes nudity in a great way, because there’s no men there. I really shows how comfortable Melisandre—not the actress—is in her own body. She almost sees it like an instrument. When Selyse comes in, I’m very relaxed, and you can see my tits just floating there. There’s nothing sexual about it, just a body in water. After she gets out of the tub, she shows Selyse her cabinet of magic powders and potions, one of which makes men horny. Selyse asks, “Did you use this on Stannis?” In one take, I say, “No.” In another, “It wasn’t necessary.” I asked them to keep that one, but they thought my face said enough.

In the first season, it seemed that the major knock on the series was that the nudity involved was pretty gratuitous and was really just there to be there. But as the show has evolved, we’ve seen the use of nudity evolve as well from something to gawk at to something that actually gives insight on the characters.

There are still gratuitous nude scenes, but Van Houten’s scene form last week shows that while nudity is still prevalent in the show, it can still be used as a powerful storytelling tool.

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