EA Sports reveals FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup

EA Sports has announced they will release a free FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup mode for FIFA 14 next Thursday, May 29th. This update will be avaialble for PC, PS3 PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Accordign to Eurogamer, FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup allows players to build a fantasy squad from players around the world, but you can’t use players from your existing Ultimate Team squads and there will be no way to trade the players you unlock in the game.

The way it works is that, you select a supported nation and are given a starter pack that contains players, a badge and a kit to begin building your team.

The players competing from the 32 nations at the real World Cup this upcoming summer can be added to your team by purchasing World Cup packs from a dedicated store using either FIFA Points (bought with real money) or coins.

EA in a nice gesture has said that World Cup packs will all include a free gold pack that can be used the regular Ultimate Team.

Some people familiar with Ultimate Team might think they know how the squads will work.

Regular Ultimate Team squads depend on an attribute called chemistry in order to really gel. Players have to be from the same team, country or league to get on with one another. Obviously in the World Cup that will be much harder to achieve, so EA has changed the way chemistry works, so now it depends on country and governing confederation.

There’s a FAQ available on the official site if you’re still confused.

They also have a trailer that you can look at below.

[H/T: Eurogamer]

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