Madden 15: Cover vote final four

The cover vote for EA Sports Madden franchise has captivated gamers from across the country, and quite possibly the globe, for the past few years.  As the game nears its August 26th release date, the cover vote is winding down with EA announced the four finalists to appear on the Madden 15 cover this morning.

Finalists come from four different teams across the NFL and three of them are quarterbacks.  The lone non quarterback of the bunch, you guessed it, the polarizing cornerback from the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman.  The quarterbacks include, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts, and Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.  Notably, each of the quarterbacks are of the young, and relatively new to the league crop.


Kaepernick just edged out Cam Newton’s teammate, and Madden 15 trailer star, Luke Kuechly.  Newton will be vying for the Madden 15 cover while also looking to rebound from offseason surgery.  With the Panthers coming off a surprising year, questions marks are abundant going into the 2014 season with the amount of turnover the offseason produced.  Richard Sherman comes into the final four Madden 15 vote fresh off winning a Super Bowl.

Love him or hate him, Sherman is undoubtedly one of the games best cornerbacks, and elevated his marketability on the biggest stage this winter.  Kaepernick continues to defy the odds and successfully, both scramble and pass the 49ers into constant contention with the divisional rival, Seattle Seahawks.

Finally, Andrew Luck makes the final four in a season where the Indianapolis Colts are looking to take a step forward.  Newly signed target, Hakeem Nicks, as well as receiver Reggie Wayne coming back, should help Luck to reach new heights in the passing game.

While Madden 15 doesn’t drop until August 15th, fans have an opportunity to be a part of the game in the early summer.  Make sure to head over too ESPN to cast your vote.  The voting ends on May 30.

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