Jaden Smith dressed as 'Albino Batman' for Kim and Kanye's wedding (Photo)

Jaden Smith is determined to make everyone in the world want to smack him right in the face. I have to give the kid credit, he is good at generating hatred. Just when you thought you couldn’t be sicker of this little doofus – I still want my money back for After Earth, thanks Jaden – he goes and pulls a stunt like this.

Dressing up as “Albino Batman” for Kim and Kanye’s wedding and posing in Instagram pics. Yeah Jaden, because it’s all about you. And your stupid stupid face.

Here’s Jaden er Albino Batman clowning with Joe Francis – speaking of people I’d like to hit in the mouth with a brick – and one of the Kardashian women, don’t ask me which.

And here is Jaden doing more Jaden things with Kris Jenner and some guy who looks like Johnny Depp after a particularly rough weekend being rolled back and forth through a gutter and repeatedly kicked.

albino batman

photo credit:Instagram

Okay Jaden Smith, I think we’ve got it now, you’re starved for attention. Well you are hanging out with the right people. If you want attention, just cozy up to Kim and Kanye. They have pretty much the entire world watching them right now.

Is Jaden going to tag along on the honeymoon too? It wouldn’t surprise me. He might stow away in Kanye’s luggage and pop out while Kanye is unpacking. If Kanye is smart he will immediately stuff Jaden back into the suitcase and mail him home. Or mail him to Tibet. Yeah. Jaden could use some training in the ways of the Tibetans. You never see those people fame whoring.

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