Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg recap Game of Thrones (Video)

Forget about all those other cute little Game of Thrones recaps. This is the only Game of Thrones recap you need. Seth Rogen and Snoop. Smoking…something. And giving their takes on the HBO hit show.

Warning: Video is NSFW for language and smoking. Also SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.



Seth thinks Snoop should do a weekly Game of Thrones recap show, but forget that, Snoop should have his own nightly Soup-type show. Of course the show must be called The Snoop. And they don’t even have to hire writers for it. Just hand Snoop a hookah and let him go at it.

You know what else I want? DVD commentaries with Snoop and Seth Rogen. When the next season of GoT comes out on DVD, they need to do all the commentaries. Or as many as they can before passing out.

And yes, it goes without saying that Snoop needs to be given a role on Game of Thrones. Snoop has mad acting skills, as he proved in Starsky and Hutch and Soul Plane. They need to write him an appropriate character and get him in there.

What would be an approriate character for Snoop? How about a pimp. A pimp who fights with swords. And smokes whatever they smoke in Westeros. That would be sweet.

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