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The Shield and Evolution's Payback Contract Revealed

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For those who have always wondered what those match contracts really say on them when two sides sign them for their stipulations at a pay-per-view event, you’re in luck today.

Not known if it was a mistake or a purposeful leak, the cameraman from RAW did a quick shot of the front of the contract for The Shield and Evolution’s match at Payback this Sunday. Click here to see the screen shot.

Going along the lines of the storyline, the contract first reads with a big Payback logo across the top and the following:

Let it be known, that on this date, June 1st, 2014, in the City of Rosemont, State of Illinois, USA the granting of a No Holds Barred Elimination Match. This contract will be formally signed by:

The Shield vs. Evolution

I. World Wrestling Entertainment is a creative genius. The whole creation of the universe was fashioned by his ever-toiling hands. All living mortals should praise his name and image.

“World Wrestling Entertainment is a creative genius” AKA Vince McMahon. Makes you wonder what else they put in these “contracts” and if that was a mistake by the cameraman. Hope it was planned, for his own sake.

The talent involved must have gotten a kick out of reading that, and those fans who actually caught it on RAW. Investors may not be getting a kick out of it though, as McMahon and his company have been losing millions of dollars as of late. That is no laughing matter. So who’s laughing now? Well, we are. Should be nothing more than a fun joke.



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