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Facebook CEO summoned to Iran court

The CEO of Facebook has been ordered to appear in Iranian court.

According to the Associated Press, Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned by a judge in the country to answer complaints by citizens who believe that Facebook-owned apps such as Instagram and Whatsapp violate their privacy.

The judge in Iran has also ordered for the two applications to be blocked in the country. The Facebook founder is unlikely to actually appear in the Iranian court due to no extradition treaty existing between the United States and Iran.

This isn’t the first time that the popular social media has been part of a court case in the nation. Facebook is already banned in Iran, along with other social media sites like YouTube and Twitter, due to the belief that they violate a person’s privacy.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is against the idea of blocking these websites because of the fact that social media has given him and his administration a new way to reach out to the Western World to negotiate over different policies. The President’s administration is hoping to create local alternatives for social media.

“We should see the cyber world as an opportunity,” Rouhani said via the AP. “Why are we so shaky? Why don’t we trust our youth?”

Top officials, as well as those intelligent enough to create proxy servers, still gain access to sites like Facebook. It’s expected that activity like that will continue in the country until harsher punishment is created.

While it’s likely going to be a case that ends with nothing of it, it’s still interesting to see such a powerful man in America be ordered to court in a nation that he has likely never been too. To me, this is just a way to try and make Iran feel like they have power, and can use his likely non-showing as a way to say that they have the control.

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