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Forbes reports Vince McMahon lost $750 million in two months

Many reports have been floating around on Vince McMahon and the financial hits he has been taking as of late from the WWE stock drop following the new television deal with NBCUniversal.

Forbes is reporting today that McMahon has lost $750 million in just the last two months. Previous reports noted him losing an even more whopping $842 million just before WrestleMania 30.

It is not clear if the $750 million is McMahon’s total loss, or if this is an update on an additional millions in losses including losses before WrestleMania. It was reported though that he lost $350 million in one single day after the stock drop. That day alone knocked him out of the billionaire ranks but he’s not “broke” by any stretch. No one needs to take up a collection for Vinny Mac, as he is still worth over $700 million.

His company, WWE, is on the rebound to gain back investors trust, and those first steps were taken with a conference call held by McMahon himself and WWE executive George Barrios a couple of weeks ago. The call was meant to “calm down” investors and described as “damage control” on Vince’s part.

Some of numbers before the stock drop proved to be very much on the upside. The first three months of 2014 were when WWE shares were up 89% and McMahon’s net worth peaked at $1.6 billion in March.

There are rumored reports that McMahon is barely phased by the actual financial losses, but rather more upset by the publicity this story has gotten in the media.

[h/t] ewrestlingnews.com and forbes.com

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