Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Miami Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey speaks during a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins scout fired for staying home with ill wife

The Miami Dolphins have come under heavy scrutiny after details of a lawsuit filed against them states that they fired one of their scouts for working from home to tend to his ill wife, according to documents obtained by Fox Sports 1.

Nate Sullivan, a 17-year veteran scout for the Miami Dolphins, began working from home in 2004 to aid his wife, who suffered from Cystic Fibrosis. After maintaining the agreement for almost 10 years, Sullivan was fired by new general manager Dennis Hickey in mid-May.

When he was fired on May 12, Sullivan claims Hickey told him the reason was that working remotely “just did not work for him.”

Even more, Sullivan say that in April, after the Dolphins reworked their health care coverage, they excluded Cystic Fibrosis, leading to a large hike in cost for prescriptions for Sullivan’s wife.

The intent-to-initiate-litigation letter also states the Dolphins began excluding cystic fibrosis medications from their health care when revamping their insurance offerings in April. Harr told FOX Sports 1 that the cost of one prescription skyrocketed from $10 to $3,000 per pill under the new policy.

“It is our understanding that Cystic Fibrosis was the only terminal medical condition singled out,” the letter states. “This drastic reduction in health care benefits jeopardized JoAnne Sullivan’s ability to afford her pharmaceuticals, shifting an exorbitant financial burden on the Sullivans.”

Sullivan’s target is to regain his position with the Dolphins, while also having his wife’s prescription covered under the his health care benefits once more. He and his lawyer, however, are prepared to seek damages if the Dolphins do not agree.

The letter-to-initiate-litigation also lists the NFL due to the fact that the NFL did not take the necessary steps to stop the discrimination by the Dolphins against he and his wife.

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  • LostSok

    New GMs often make major changes to the scouting department. It it not a job-for-life by any stretch. This sounds like he’s trying to milk his wife’s illness to get something back from his former employer.

    No GM has ever been, or should be, stuck with scouts of the previous regime. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

    As to his claims about insurance, who knows…

    Football fans should be alarmed, however, if they’re FORCED to keep scouts even if the GM does not have faith in them. That is a recipe for disaster.

  • Marshall summerlin

    leaving them out in the cold is just wrong if he wants to fire the Scout that’s fine that’s one thing but the health coverage should continue on his wife for her illness and should be grandfathered

    • Chris

      Yeah this sounds really grimey.

  • Pygskyn

    As somebody that has seen first hand how Cystic Fibrosis can absolutely overwhelm a family, this move just disgusts me. I’m trying to keep positive but if they released him for the reason that he claims than this is just dirty and wrong on every level.

  • phinphan

    I don’t believe the dolphins changed there health plan to spite him. I also don’t believe scout is a position that can be done from your living room. He’s milked this long enough. Ten years was a kindness from the dolphins. He should bring in help and go do his job.