Tidus and Yuna from 'Final Fantasy X|X-2' HD Remaster. Photo Credit: Square Enix

Why game remasters are unnecessary

Feelings of nostalgia rushed through me when I heard Final Fantasy X (FFX) was being remastered for the PlayStation 3.

Like a true penny-pincher, I waited until GameStop placed the Square Enix title on sale before purchasing the game. It was a long wait, but I kept telling myself it would be worth it. I installed FFX, and it was game time.

About a month later after 40 plus hours of gameplay, I realized purchasing the remastered FFX wasn’t about seeing the “improved” graphics and additional international content. After grinding and storyline gameplay on the PS3, I realized why I wouldn’t pick up the original PS2 title after finishing it the first time around.

Thirteen years ago I clocked in more than 80 hours in FFX. It wasn’t because the final battle with Sin was incredibly difficult; the big draw to FFX is the open world gameplay you experience before the end. You can get additional Aeons, max out your character’s sphere grids, obtain the legendary weapons, participate in side quests like the Monster Arena and more. I’ve never had problems skipping past additional content, but FFX pulls me in every single time.

About 30 minutes into the Omega Ruins I had a moment of clarity and asked myself why I was going through all this again? Why did I purchase a remaster of a game I thoroughly played and finished 13 years ago? It’s not like they added a ton of content, other than the Dark Aeons that were exclusive to the international release. I accidentally encountered the Magus Sisters while exploring the Mi’ihen Highroad and thought, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?!” The Dark Aeons have more than 1 million hit points and that would require A LOT of grinding to defeat. Who has time for that?

It also becomes blatantly obvious there really weren’t too many improvements to the graphics. The CGI cut scenes were beautiful, but they could’ve worked a little harder to improve the over all graphics in actual gameplay. Character faces were flat and hair texture was unnecessarily spikey and choppy.

I wanted something more than strolling down memory lane. I wanted a voice recast, new side quests and brand new scenes made specifically for the remaster. Then I realized even if I did get new content, it would be the equivalent of purchasing DLC and I would still be overpaying for an old game.

The FFX remaster sparked a trend of fans asking for other popular titles to be remastered, including the Mass Effect trilogy. I don’t want to play another remaster; I want to play the next installment. If gaming studios were to pick up all of their greatest hits, they would be taking away manpower that could be used to develop a new title.

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