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Best Lance Stephenson blowing on things memes

In the aftermath of their Game 5 win over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Indiana Pacers have received some interest for a unique. Starting swingman Lance Stephenson was caught blowing in the ear of Miami star LeBron James, and following the game, there was an awkward to comparison made by James to blowing in the ear of his wife.

On cue, the internet came to the rescue, and Michael Katz put together a fantastic collection of memes chronicling Stephenson in a few hilarious situations. Here is a sample from the original work:

Credit: SB Nation

Credit: SB Nation


For the full compilation, check out the original piece, but this is where the internet is utterly wonderful. Lance Stephenson has been a central character throughout the series with the Heat, and with Indiana staying alive with a huge, come from behind win on Wednesday night, Lance and his club aren’t going away quietly.

Whether it is admitting to saying things he shouldn’t have said or saying that he has no regrets (i.e. a direct contradiction of himself within 24 hours), the still young Stephenson (he is 23 years old) never ceases to entertain. It is almost a shame that his antics have overshadowed a very good season in which he emerged as a budding star, but in this instance, we are certainly in favor of his ability to be parodied.

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