Louis C.K. buys Babe Ruth's old Hamptons home for $2.49 million

Louis C.K. is now taking his craps where Babe Ruth used to have some of his wild booze-fueled orgies. The New York Post reports that comedian C.K. shelled out $2.49 million to purchase a Hamptons beach house where the Bambino himself used to spend his summers.

The house, nicknamed Primrose Cottage because when you’re rich even your house has a name, is a Tudor-style built in 1901 and sporting six bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and five fireplaces.

So yes, Louis C.K. is ridiculously rich. Even though on Louie he plays a guy who is only sort of prosperous but not actually flat out wealthy. I guess he’s fudging a little bit on that. Maybe Louie thinks if he’s too rich on the show he won’t be relatable anymore.

That’s pretty much the same thing Jerry Seinfeld did on Seinfeld. In real life, Jerry Seinfeld just kept getting richer and richer, but on the show he had the same career, the same apartment, the same friends, the same life. You don’t mess with a winning formula just to include realistic financial details.

The only comedian willing to acknowledge the reality of his existence is Larry David, who is as filthy rich on Curb Your Enthusiasm as he is in real life. Way to stick up for the rich guys Larry.

Oh and by the way, I was kidding before about Babe Ruth having orgies at the summer house. I have no idea if he had orgies there. I’m just assuming he did, because he was Babe Ruth.

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