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Spike Lee sued over Oldboy posters

Spike Lee’s remake of the 2003 cult Oldboy may have been a commercial disaster at the Box Office, but that is currently the least of their worries. It would seem as if director is headed to a court of law over the film, but it’s not quite for what you may think.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, designer Juan Luis Garcia has come forward claiming that he offered Spike Lee and his production company access to his artwork and that he was never properly compensated when the director used his proposed movie posters in the marketing for his film Oldboy.


Per The Hollywood Reporter:

In the lawsuit, Garcia says he offered Lee and his Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks production company “access to the posters, and offered Defendants the opportunity to use them to market their film, with the condition precedent that they pay Plaintiff for such use. Defendants never paid Plaintiff.”

Now, this is not the first time that these two parties have addressed the issue.

Back in November, the artist wrote an open letter to Spike Lee, which for a time could be found on his official website, where he claimed that the ad agency offered him an incredibly low offer to which he declined; however, his work, which he claims he spent months working on, was used anyway.

He also claims that when he complained to the agency about the situation he was threatened with legal action. In the letter he pleaded with the director for his assistance.

Unfortunately, his plea fell on deaf ears as Spike Lee claimed he has never seen nor had he hired him in any capacity.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garcia is seeking various profits and statutory damages which were not specified. They reached out to Spike Lee for his comments on the matter; however, they have yet to receive a response from the director or any of his people.

Unfortunately, in a behind-the-scenes beef like this, there are only a select number of people who know with 100% certainty what went down when everything is said and done. Now that the issue is headed to a court of law, I am sure that they will get to the bottom of this and they will finally find a solution to the matter once and for all.

Oldboy, which was one of the final films to be released by FilmDistrict before they merged with Focus Features, pulled in a mere $2.19 million at the Box Office.

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