Taylor Kitsch loved John Carter 2 script

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Taylor Kitsch, the film and television actor who has taken a lot of grief in recent years for his script and role choices, came out with some interesting news. During an interview with Variety, Kitsch said that the script written for the possible sequel to John Carter was “awesome.”

John Carter bombed at the box office when it was released back in 2012.

It proved that basing a movie off of a beloved novel is no guarantee of success. In fact, it just builds expectation.

Kitsch’s first try as a leading man was rather dreadful.

The movie was deemed rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, and Disney apparently claimed a $200 million loss on the project. That was just the first step in a rocky 2012 for Kitsch though.

After Carter, he went on to star in an even bigger blockbuster flop, Battleship. After that came the disappointing Savages.

Kitsch’s movie run after his starring role on the TV show Friday Night Lights was an unmitigated disaster.

Because he is handsome and young, he will continue to be given parts in films going forward. However, that doesn’t mean a studio will greenlight a project with him as the headline, especially not John Carter 2.

That sequel is dead in the water for the foreseeable future, but it is still interesting to hear Kitsch speak so fondly of the script for the second film after the debacle that the first one was. Rather than feeling angry about it, it seems Kitsch is actually sad Carter 2 won’t be happening.

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