Chance the Rapper covering the Arthur theme song is amazing (Video)

We often hear about musicians covering songs during live performances. It may be a rapper covering a rock song or a country star doing a rap track. Just last year I saw Chance the Rapper live in Milwaukee and he covered a Coldplay song, and it was tremendous.

Now Chance is back in the cover game, but it’s probably not what you think. Recently, while performing at the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington, Chance covered the theme song from the popular children’s show, Arthur.

Remember Arthur? The animated television series with Arthur the aardvark and his friends, Buster, Francine, etc.? Well maybe not, depending on your age, but I watched it all the time growing up, and judging by Chance’s age, he probably did too.

I mean, if he’s covering the theme song during a performance, you have to assume he was watching the show all the time as a kid. I doubt he just picked it up a few weeks ago and thought, “hey, you know what? I like this. I’m gonna cover it at my next show.”

Anyways, you can tell the crowd doesn’t really get what’s going on at first, but by the end they’re more into it–even though I still don’t think most of them knew what the song was. Still, this was really cool and shows how much Chance is willing to experiment with his music and performances.

I’ve been listening to this all day, and you probably will be too. As most things Chance does are, it’s extremely captivating.


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