Comcast Xfinity misinforms gamers

It’s a smart idea: target the gaming community to sell your Internet speeds. However, if you’re going to brag about no-lag online gaming, you should probably use a game that has actual online gaming.

Trying to sell their Xfinity Internet to gamers, Comcast set up a “gamers tent” to film a TV commercial to show users that they “need to speed of Xfinity Internet”.

The commercial features gamers complaining about their Internet speeds only for Comcast representatives to show them how great Xfinity Internet is. The only problem is, they showed them using Trials Fusions.

Trials Fusion is a great game, but it doesn’t offer online multiplayer. In fact, the only multiplayer you can experience with the game is on the couch with other friends, or the “ghost battles” where you try and beat your friends’ top times.

The company has disabled comments on the video after a number of users called them out for duping consumers. Comcast has denied a request for comment from FanSided regarding the misinformation.

Mike’s Musings: This is, by far, one of the funniest brain farts I’ve seen. You think they would’ve shown a game like Call of Duty or Battlefield or even Watch Dogs, which has some form of online multiplayer. But no, they go for a game that has no sign of the mode. I can’t stop laughing.

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