Google Stars bookmarking leaks

Google is constantly working to be at the forefront of innovation and their new bookmarking addition to Chrome, Stars, may have made its way to the market a little quicker than anticipated.  Well known Google watcher, Florian Kiersch has a nice little bit of information to share.

Thanks to German blogger, Carsten Knoblach, the extension has been made available for download at the end of his post.  While we would only suggest downloading this at your own risk, it does offer insight into the Stars component.

Stars takes over for the typical bookmarking tool that is standard with Chrome.  While using Stars, simply click on the icon and the page is added to a very accessible grid.  The application also takes a screenshot of the page for easy viewing when trying to go back to the saved piece.

Stars also allows you to drag items and drop them into folders, further organizing your saved pages.


credit: Florian Kiersch

Only those users part of Google’s dogfooding program are supposed to have access to Stars initially.  While the extension is designed to help users work on creating a more organized experience in their internet browsing, Google is not quite ready to roll it out.


credit: Florian Kiersch

Google is looking to retool the way users think about using browser bookmarks.  Stars appears to work towards enhancing the experience through not only organization, but also implementing a social sharing aspect to the information we save.  While we won’t know all the features until the service officially launches, things look promising for Stars.

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