Apr 10, 2014; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Montreal Canadiens forward Thomas Vanek (20) skates before the game against the New York Islanders at the Bell Centre. The New YorkIslanders defeated the Montreal Canadiens 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Rumors: Thomas Vanek willing to re-sign with Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens fell just two games shy of a Stanley Cup berth and will now spend this offseason trying to keep as much of this Eastern Conference Finals worthy roster as intact as possible.

One of the biggest pieces the Habs have to think about in free agency is Thomas Vanek, who is one of the top goal scorers in the NHL but will be an unrestricted free agent come July. Despite the fact that he’ll have plenty of interest from contending teams like Pittsburgh, Boston and Anaheim, Vanek has not ruled out the possibility that he’ll re-sign with Habs should they pursue him.

Montreal is no doubt going to look into bringing Vanek back as he was big for them down the stretch of the season and he’s a sniper that helps contending teams win big games, and Montreal figures themselves to be contenders.

The Habs will have fierce competition from the Minnesota Wild though, as Vanek went to college in Minneapolis and trains on the campus there each summer, even going as far as to own a home there. with Minnesota taking leaps forward this year as far as progress, they’ll no doubt be a place Vanek will want to land, but Montreal proved to be a better home for him than he thought and a return in 2014-15 isn’t out of the question.

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  • Pridenpoise

    As long as they don’t break the bank for Vanek, the guy was invisible in the playoffs, P.K should be the number one priority for the Habs this offseason.

  • Dennis

    OK, but pay him based on his last 10 games.

    Resign everyone, Make them put on 10 pounds of muscle this offseason.

    • Joe Cabot

      Sure, lowball the guy. That’s how free agency works.

    • Joe Cabot

      Sure, lowball the guy. That’s how free agency works.

      • Dennis

        pay him what he is worth, if its low balling then he needs to step it up

        • Joe Cabot

          You may be new to this free agent thing but he has no time between now and the opening of free agency in which to step it up. These guys are not looking to sign for the least amount of money so low ball offers have never proven to be an effective strategy in signing players.

          • Dennis

            dude i was trying to be polite but i have to throw that out the window,
            Vaneck stunk the joint up in the playoffs or didnt you watch.
            He would have to pay the canadians to play for them.

          • Joe Cabot

            Vanek did not step up in the EC finals, but tossing him a low ball offer will not keep him wearing the Habs sweater. The guy is going to get paid, regardless of how he finished the year.

          • Dennis


  • Big8engine

    That’s pretty rich of Vanek. He “won’t rule out” the Canadiens. Wow. Hab fan’s must be so relieved. He SHOULDN’T rule out anything at this point after this past playoff! He wouldn’t rule out re-signing with the Islanders too when he was there before he was traded. This guy sounds like a wishy-washy prima-dona and a knucklehead to me.

  • Craig Daniels

    As a wild fan/realist/hockey fan don’t read into the story habs writers are going off a interview obviously he isn’t going to be like no I won’t come back that is bad publicity and unprofessional.
    But here on the facts.

    1.) The wild will pay him just like they did Zach praise and Ryan Sutter. It will most likely be a 6 year deal the wild will lock him up long term.

    2.) He lives,played college,trains, and wife’s from Minnesota.

    3.) If anyone saw the wild this year in the playoffs you realized how talented they are so it’s not like the wild are not as good as the Hans.

    4.) His good friend jason pomonville is on the team and like he said he likes “chemistry” don’t know what would be better then that.

    Now I could be wrong hab fans but he’s as good as gone.(I’m sure most of you don’t care lol) take care