The evolution of video game consoles

The way the gaming industry has changed over the last 40 years is truly spectacular.

From only being able to play games in arcades to finally being able to bring your favorite games home, gaming as scene quite a bit of innovation. That being said, it seems that many don’t fully realize just how much gaming has changed over the years, especially in the form of the video game consoles themselves.

There were controllers the looked like telephones, systems that required multiple accessories to get the best experience and even a time period (1978) where there were 11 different video game consoles on the market. Oh yea, and it was a thrill to play a game that involved hitting a square ball back and forth between two sticks.

A new infographic is hoping to put into perspective just how far the industry has come since the very early days of gaming. From the great consoles like the Sega Genesis and original PlayStation to the downright awful contraptions like the 3DO, it’s a fun trip down memory lane for anyone who loves the industry, or just wants to feel a sense of nostalgia.

What I like to do is look at all the consoles and recall which ones I have owned in my lifetime. From my first count, I tallied up 14 systems that I have owned at some point?

How many did you have? Check out the graphic, add them up and let us know in the comment section below!

video game consoles

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H/T to “Retroman” for the awesome find.

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