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L.A. Lakers throw a 'Saved by the 90s' party (Photos)

The Los Angeles Lakers had nothing better to do on Saturday – wasn’t like they had a playoff game to participate in or anything – so they threw a ’90s-themed birthday party for Nick Young. Steve Nash got into the spirit of the occasion by dressing as, um, a drunk hipster in a gold tie? How is that even ’90s? I would’ve expected a stronger effort from Steve Nash. Maybe there’s a reference I’m not getting?



Jordan Farmar gets the bit, with the MTV shirt and the fanny pack. You know who else gets it? The little person dressed as hip-hop Wario.



And then there’s John Wall who slapped on a retro Hawks jersey and called it a day. Pathetic pathetic effort, John Wall.



And Kobe? Yeah I don’t think Kobe was there. I can’t really see Kobe chilling at a ’90s party with his teammates. Who would Kobe even go as? The ’90s version of himself? Yeah, that’s probably what he’d do. Cause he’s lame. Almost as lame as the ’90s.

It’s funny how we now think of the ’90s the way people in the ’90s thought of the ’70s, while now we think of the ’70s as being cool. In twenty years will the ’90s be cool while our own current decade is thought of as lame? Probably.

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