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Photo: Dan Marino and Bill Polian visit Jim Kelly

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In the NFL world and beyond, the world has been thinking of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly and hoping for his recovery from a recurrence of oral cancer. The all-time great quarterback deserves all the love and support that has been sent his direction.

In a continued show of that support, former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino and former executive Bill Polian visited Kelly in the hospital Thursday.

The ESPN NFL Twitter account shared the following photo:

Marino and Kelly joined John Elway to form one of the greatest NFL draft classes of all time. With the careers of the three men connected to one another beyond their playing days, it is great to see Marino visiting Kelly.

Polian worked in the same organization as Kelly for a number of years. He was the general manager of the Buffalo Bills from 1986 to 1993 during Kelly’s prime as their QB. Polian, now an analyst on a variety of programs on ESPN, is better known for his tenure as the man in charge of the Indianapolis Colts.

We continue to join Marino, Kelly, and so many others in that we send thoughts to Kelly in hopes that he is able to fully recover.

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