Google to spend $1 billion on Internet satellites

According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, Google is looking to expand their internet coverage a little further.

The company has been well documented in trying to bring Internet to all corners of the globe, and thanks to another $1 billion expenditure, it looks like the tech giant is going to be doing just that.

The project will launch 180 small, high-capacity satellites into orbit and they will be deployed at a lower orbiting altitude than that of traditional satellites.  The project will be ran by Greg Wyler, founder of satellite-communications company O3b Networks.  The engineers behind the project from Space Systems/Loral could also bump the price range up as they would come at a cost of roughly $3 billion.

Google has been well-known to continue to try to expand the reach of the Internet.  The company understands that the more people accessing the web, the more revenue they generate through their own entities.  Project Loon was developed by Google last June in hopes of bringing Internet to developing regions via balloon.

Google has made sure to put its best foot forward with the continued attempts at growth of their Internet reach.  In understanding that space is integral in the application of Internet across the world, Google acquired Titan Aerospace earlier this year.

While search engine giant is seen as the frontrunner in the race of expanding the Internet, the company is also competing with the likes of social media giant, Facebook.  Facebook is looking to undertake the same initiative of growing the Internet and expanding the reach of their own brand.

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